Me Third Eye 1914e web

My interest in the natural world and my love of animals led me to take a science degree in zoology and psychology at University; but by the end of that time I’d begun to realise that my interest truly lay in simply drawing, painting and photographing animals.

After graduating, whenever I’ve had the opportunity, I’ve studied art and, over time I’ve done a variety of courses, such as life drawing and painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design, illustration at Chelsea, sculpture at Richmond College and also printmaking at Richmond.

I love photography and tend to take my camera with me most of the time. The immediacy of a photograph interests me, the way it can capture birds in flight, the swish of a tail, the push of water in front of a duck as it paddles across a lake.

My most recent work explores landscapes, buildings and street life in London using photography. I’m also experimenting with Apps such as Brushes and Procreate on the iPad.

As well as collecting reference material for later drawings, I like to work on my photographs once they’re downloaded. I often try to move the image away from total realism to something more abstract in colour, form or composition.

I love the sense of flow when working. I mean the feeling that something is going through me and out onto the paper, canvas or whatever, to produce an image. At the end of the process, the finished work has its own identity; it’s never exactly what I had first imagined it would be. The journey from my mind to the outside world always changes it.